BWG launches fleet of biogas fueled trucks in Ireland

July 3, 2020. Wholesale and retail group BWG Foods has become the first FMCG group in Ireland to launch a fleet of biogas powered vehicles as part of the implementation of its sustainability strategy.

BWG Foods owns and operates the Spar, Eurospar, Londis, Mace and XL brands in Ireland. The new fleet of heavy goods vehicles is fueled with biogas in place of traditional diesel fuel. The company has ambitions to further increase the use of biogas as part of their increasingly environmentally-friendly fuel mix. The new vehicles will deliver a 90% reduction in transport related carbon emissions.

The launch of the biogas rigid 26 tons fueled trucks with electric fridge units, which each cost in the region of €180,000, follows a partnership between BWG and two Irish start-ups – VisionGreen and Generation Green.

The trucks are the most efficient transport vehicles across the sector and are also the quietest, meaning less noise pollution across towns and city centers. The first two of BWG Foods’ biogas trucks will lead to a reduction of 200 tons of carbon emissions annually by the business.

In addition to the launch of its fleet, BWG will also contribute food waste from their 240,000 sq ft National Distribution Centre at Kilcarbery to the biogas production site at Nurney, Co. Kildare, making this a circular solution.

In the last 12 months, the Group has invested in sustainability measures to lower the carbon footprint of its delivery operations and currently has the largest fleet of CNG (compressed natural gas) powered trucks in operation in Ireland, with plans to increase this from 18 to 50 by 2025.

Each of BWG Foods’ CNG trucks complete approximately 120,000 kilometers annually, saving 100 tons of Co2 emissions in the process, an average of 15 tons per truck.

As part of its investment program, BWG has plans to gradually increase the use of biogas fuel across its entire fleet of CNG trucks as production of the fuel increases.

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