Carlos Grisolía is reelected as President of the Argentine CNG Chamber

November 27, 2019. On November 27 of this year, at the Ordinary Annual Assembly of the Argentine CNG Chamber (CAGNC), Carlos Grisolía was re-elected to continue leading the organization as President for a new period.

The reelected President has the conviction that the country will go through a stage of great development in the use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel. According to the entrepreneur, the huge gas reserves of Vaca Muerta guarantee their availability and the technological and industrial capacity of the sector will finally allow compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) to be used by public transport, heavy and even river transport, due to indisputable economic reasons and preservation of the environment.

In addition, in the field of private vehicles, Grisolía is convinced that there is still a large space for the growth of CNG-propelled units, a fact that has been confirmed by the growing and sustained number of conversions recorded in the year. He explained that the wide territorial coverage of the network of stations and the difference in prices with gasoline and diesel, in any other place in the world would have brought the percentage of CNG vehicles to a much higher value than Argentina has today.

The new CAGNC Board of Directors was formed as follows:

• President: Lic. Carlos Grisolía (Galileo Technologies S.A.)

• Vice President: Dr. Gustavo Salustri (GNC Salustri S.A.)

• Secretary: Lic. Carlos Scioli (Agira S.A.)

• Vice Secretary: Ms. Maria Eugenia Fracchia (Inflex S.A.)

• Treasurer: Gustavo Frontera (Delta Compression S.A.)

• Vice Treasurer: Sebastián Karavias (Inprocil S.A.)

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