Construction of the first natural gas vehicle station in Cusco begins

December 17, 2019. With the symbolic placement of the first stone, the Camisea Consortium and the Regional Government of Cusco, Peru, began the construction of the first natural gas vehicle (NGV) station that will allow Camisea gas finally arrived in the region in the first quarter of 2020.

This initiative is part of the “Natural gas for vehicular use in the Cusco Region” project, promoted by the Camisea Consortium together with the Regional Government, and includes the installation of 3 service stations: two in Cusco and one in Quillabamba.

“With the investment made in this project, the Camisea Consortium reaffirms its commitment to Cusco. In a short term, the region will finally be able to use its own natural gas, an environmentally friendly and much cheaper energy that will allow a Cusco taxi driver savings between 45% and 60%, depending on the type of gasoline you currently consume,” said the Camisea Consortium.

The Camisea Consortium added that this project will allow a favorable change in the energy matrix of Cusco: the NGV is eco-friendly, as it generates less pollutant emissions and reduces the risk of fire or explosion in case of leaks or accidents. The project also includes the management of a comprehensive program for the conversion of new and pre-owned vehicles, the promotion and finally the direct sale to the final consumer. The sale and distribution will be in charge of LimaGas Natural, through the Biocom service station, located at Av. De la Cultura S/n 6 km. in San Jerónimo.

The realization of this project is carried out in line with the plan of the Regional Government of Cusco to promote the use of natural gas for the benefit of this region, which is why an inter-institutional cooperation agreement was signed in February 2019.

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