Consumption of CNG and LNG in the Czech Republic increased last year despite the pandemic

The total consumption of these gases reached almost 93 million cubic meters, according to the Czech Gas Association (ČPS).

February 17, 2021. Consumption of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Czech Republic increased last year despite the coronavirus pandemic. The year-on-year increase in the production of CNG, LNG and natural gas with a mixture of a biocomponent, called BioCNG, was 1.8 percent. The total consumption of these gases reached almost 93 million cubic meters. This was stated by the Czech Gas Association (ČPS). According to the entity, most of it, 90.4 million cubic meters, traditionally fell on CNG.

“The high consumption of natural gas in transport was favored last year mainly by urban buses. For cities, CNG is becoming the first option in the introduction of green transport. We are also seeing an increase in interest in LNG for truck transport and in BioCNG in car drivers,” said Lenka Kovačovská, Executive Director of the Czech Gas Association.

According to ČPS, more than 27,700 CNG vehicles are now on the road in the Czech Republic, one tenth more than in 2019. According to data from the Association of Automobile Importers, approximately 8.3 million units of all categories are registered in the country. The proportion of those that run on CNG is approximately three-tenths percent.

“The number of trucks with LNG increased from five to 26 year over year. A clearly growing trend is also evident in the companies’ plans to renew their fleets this year. They are already confirming the purchase of another 20 trucks of liquefied natural gas. In two years, the LNG filling infrastructure will also be expanded substantially, from the current two to 20 public stations,” reported Kovačovská.

According to the organization, in 2020 14 new CNG service stations were also put into operation. With a total of 219 facilities, the Czech Republic has the third-largest network in Europe, ČPS said. The advantage of CNG and LNG over traditional fuels is supported, among other things, by excise duties.

Since the beginning of last year, the excise duty per cubic meter of these gases as vehicle fuels has increased from CZK 1.44 to CZK 2.80, but is still significantly lower than CZK 12.84 per liter of gasoline. On the other hand, ČPS criticized the reduction of the excise duty on diesel by one crown to CZK 9.95 per liter, which has occurred since the beginning of this year.

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