Cryostar celebrates the launch of its new FUELNG-DEPLOY concept

April 5, 2019. The inauguration was held on 21 March in the Netherlands, at the Green Point Rolande service station, equipped with FUELNG-DEPLOY, its latest LNG fueling station concept.

Rolande bought the first unit of the new FUELNG-DEPLOY concept, a transportable LNG fueling station that materializes Cryostar’s latest technological breakthroughs on the market of natural gas for mobility.

On this occasion, many European and Russian customers and visitors were able to discover the new FUELNG-DEPLOY concept in operation while visiting the station. Its main features are its compactness, modularity and transportability. They were also able to hear the feedback given by Rolande.

Another highlight of the visit was the demonstration of the filling of an Iveco tractor with LNG, provided by Rolande. The guests were therefore able to see this system’s easy, practical and quick implementation due to the pump concept, which is directly immersed into the facility’s main storage unit. Designed and developed to provide an optimal solution for gas customers or transporters wanting to distribute their liquefied natural gas, the FUELNG-DEPLOY station guarantees a highly flexible use and deployment of the station while providing the same filling experience as a fixed Cryostar station.

Due to its modularity, compactness and small footprint, Cryostar’s FUELNG-DEPLOY station is the ideal solution for customers wanting to enter this field or develop their business in it. Combining rapidity and low implementation costs, the FUELNG-DEPLOY station is supplied as a turnkey solution, and can either be installed alongside an existing standard station or used to equip a new site.

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