Cuétara and Carreras Grupo will use natural gas vehicles in the distribution

February 4, 2020. Carreras and Cuétara have launched a last-mile capillary distribution pilot with natural gas vehicles (NGV). Both companies will use a vehicle with these characteristics of the Renault brand to make a part of the last-mile distribution dedicated to Cuétara.

Carreras Grupo Logística, a leading operator in Spain and Portugal, is making a great effort to investigate ways to reduce emissions from its activities, specifically in this case of hair distribution. This involves studying the implementation of CNG vehicles for this activity, with controlled temperature management and trapdoor for delivery management, and studying what are the improvements achieved, as well as the environmental impact.

Therefore, they have decided to bet on CNG vehicles, which are silent, so they reduce noise pollution and consume and emit less than usual vehicles.

This pilot project, to which Cuétara has joined, is part of an ambitious Carreras plan to achieve sustainability, reduce polluting emissions and neutralize them with compensatory activities. The plan includes several improvement projects with the aim of becoming neutral in emissions.

Founded in 1933, Carreras Grupo Logística is an integral logistics operator, leader in Spain and Portugal. Its services include: national and international transport, storage, distribution, handling, co-packing, pallets, dedicated logistics and logistics consulting.

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