July 22, 2019. Datrans Netherlands from Wanssum has added two Volvo FH 420 LNG 4×2 trucks to its fleet, with the aim of contributing to cleaner transport. The delivery was made in collaboration with Volvo Trucks distributor, Nebim.

Datrans Netherlands specializes in transportation to and from Switzerland. “In Germany, tolls should not be paid for liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks until 2020, which makes it interesting for us to buy these vehicles,” says Laura Hagens of Datrans Netherlands. “We do most of our mileage in Germany. We take LNG trucks to Cologne every morning, where we connect five trailers at the container terminal. Then they travel by train to Weil am Rhein, on the border between Germany and Switzerland. In Cologne we take back full trailers that have to go here.”

Hagens also believes that LNG units are very suitable for the relay system used by the company. Trailers with products that have to go to Switzerland are coupled in Schwegenheim (Germany). “That coupling means that a night driver drives a trailer from Wanssum to Switzerland. In Germany, the driver leaves this trailer and rides another one from Switzerland with things that have to go to Holland. The trucks are driven 24 hours a day and drive as much as possible in Germany, which means we can take full advantage of the toll exemption.”

Datrans also sees this change as an opportunity to reduce the CO2 footprint. “We are happy to contribute to a cleaner environment as these vehicles emit 20% less CO2 than diesel.”