Dourogás and BP signed cooperation protocol in NGV

June 17, 2019. Dourogás and BP signed a cooperation protocol with the objective of developing projects for the installation of natural gas for vehicles (NGV) in some filling stations of the BP fuel network in Portugal.

Among these projects it is important to highlight the use, in a first phase, of BP fuel filling stations in Maia and Vilar Formoso. In these places, both companies will proceed with the installation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage and compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling stations.

With this agreement, Dourogás increases its network of CNG stations and BP customers will benefit from the existing natural gas supply, and may, in the near future, reach the gaseous fuel to all Dourogás stations.

For the managers of both companies “this cooperation protocol allows us to exploit the synergies in order to simplify the sustainable mobility program by expanding the supply network and therefore contributing to a more complete service to increase customer satisfaction.”

In addition, taking into account the agenda of energy transition and environmental sustainability, Dourogás has in operation a project for the production of biomethane that is soon expected to be incorporated into CNG sales.

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