The future of natural gas vehicles (NGV): ExpoRed YPF 2019

Exhibiting one of the trucks of the first Argentinean LNG fleet at the entrance to the event, Galileo Technologies gave concrete indications about the future of natural gas for vehicles in Argentina and the world. With more than 1.300 participants, the exhibition gathered operators and suppliers from all over the country who could access first-hand information about the company’s news.

In one of the rooms of the Golden Center, Osvaldo del Campo, CEO of Galileo Technologies, presented his vision in a panel dedicated to the future of vehicular gas.

“In the eighties, the Loma de la Lata deposit secured gas reserves for 30 years for the country, which allowed the development of the CNG market for light vehicles. Today we find that VacaMuerta multiplies that number by 10. Being the second non-conventional gas world reserve, it guarantees at least 300 years of gas that we must consume.”

“Argentina is the only country in the world that can afford not only the second largest unconventional gas reserve, but also the technology necessary to supply its energy matrix,” del Campo continued.

“With our gas compression and liquefaction technologies and virtual gas pipelines, we can create CNG stations that provide LNG and CNG, without having to be connected to the gas pipelines, since we can distribute gas with the same logistics used by liquid fuels”, he emphasized.

“In Galileo we believe that the entire region (of South America) is going to be dominated by LNG and CNG. The actors of the system are leaning towards this change. More vehicles will be manufactured for these fuels. The first step was Scania. Today, Galileo has the first LNG fleet in the country, thanks to the service of the carrier Andreu from Mendoza. And it is expected that more and more automotive companies will follow in the footsteps of Scania and start supplying indigenous vehicles to CNG and LNG in our country,” he concluded.

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