Elgiganten, Gasum and Volvo collaborate on liquefied biogas transport trials

April 16, 2019. In Sweden, Nordic home appliances and electronics retail major Elgiganten along with Finland-headed gas major Gasum Oy and Volvo Trucks are now entering a testing period in which Elgiganten’s transport partners will run the outgoing transport from Elgiganten’s Nordic distribution centre in Jönköping on liquefied biogas (LBG). Elgiganten’s new transport procurement agreement in spring 2020 will include demands that a share of the vehicle fleet runs on fossil-free fuels of which LBG is an option.

According to Gasum, a contributing factor is the company’s investment in a Nordic network of stations for liquefied gas, with a total of 50 stations up to and including 2020, of which one will be located in Torsvik, outside Jönköping close to Elgiganten’s Nordic distribution centre.

Volvo Trucks gas-fueled vehicles can run on 100 percent liquefied biogas, which gives completely fossil-free transport. The hope is that the 70–100 vehicles that depart from the distribution centre in Jönköping every 24 hours to more than 250 destinations will show the partners that are taking part in the testing that LBG fueled vehicles reduce both the fuel costs and the emissions without any negative effect on performance.

The collaboration is closely linked to the opening of Gasum’s first filling station for heavy-duty vehicles (HDV) in Västerås. From May, Gasum will open new stations every month up to and including 2020. There should then be a total of 50 new stations in the Nordic countries.

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