ENAP and MACO certify first LNG heavy duty vehicle in Chile

April 18, 2019. With good perspectives, the project that promotes the introduction of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the vehicular transport of Chile, which replicates the European experience of LNG Blue Corridor, an initiative that emerged in the Old Continent, aims to encourage more freight and transport vehicles to work with this type of fuel.

This is an initiative of the state-owned ENAP and the MACO distribution company, which included a testing phase, the obtaining of authorizations and, more recently, the corresponding approvals and certifications by the technical body of the Ministry of Transport for the use of this fuel in land transportation.

For the tests, a truck of the Chinese brand FAW was chosen, represented by MACO, which uses exclusively LNG for its operation.

The initiative is part of the “LNG as vehicular fuel” project, which the Natural Gas Development Directorate of the Gas and Energy Management (G&E) of ENAP has been developing with the objective of installing LNG as an alternative fuel for the automotive market mainly in the heavy duty transport by road and in public transport.

“We are convinced that LNG is the transition fuel between traditional hydrocarbons and electromobility for heavy vehicles, since natural gas offers, as its main advantages – in addition to its global availability – the reduction of costs and the substantial reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases, in addition to all the necessary infrastructure for implementation at competitive costs and with a technology fully tested in other markets” highlights Yasna Ross, Gas and Energy Manager of ENAP.

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