Iveco Bus delivered 42 CNG buses for Peruvian public transport

Accompanying the growth and modernization of Peruvian public transport, Iveco Bus, together with the Motored dealership, delivered 42 CC170E20 urban buses powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) to the company Transporte y Servicios Virgen de la Puerta SA (VIPusa).

“We have units that meet the requirements that all transport needs. The new CC170E20 CNG model is an efficient, reliable option and also has a great technology in the treatment of emissions, generating a lower impact on the environment,” said Ricardo França, Commercial Manager of Iveco Bus.

With the new Iveco Natural Power technology, the CC170E20 chassis purchased by the Peruvian carrier, has a Multi-Point Common Rail injection system, which generates the lowest fuel consumption and also allows a lower emission of polluting gases and less noise pollution.

The product is designed to meet not only the missions according to the characteristics and needs of the client, but also the environmental demands for the future. The chassis CC170E20, manufactured in the plant that Iveco owns in Argentina, is equipped with an FPT Industrial NEF 6 CNG engine capable of generating a power of 200 hp and a maximum touch of 650 Nm. The propeller complies with the Euro V emission regulations and is supplied by 6 NGV tanks of 27.2 cubic meters each, allowing the supply of 163.2 cubic meters of CNG per bus.

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