French NGV Association supports government plan for clean mobility

The French Association of Natural Gas Vehicles (AFGNV) expressed its support for the government plan that aims to ensure clean transport and air quality.

The commitments of the French State in favor of clean mobility and air quality, presented on July 20 by Ministers Nicolas Hulot and Elisabeth Borne, will support the energy transition in road transport and, in particular, the deployment of NGV/bioNGV.

To support the government’s ambition to multiply by 15 the sales of low emission trucks by 2025, compared to 2017, the NGV industry is experiencing a dynamic that is accelerating. Therefore, during the first six months of 2018, the AFGNV welcomed 15 new members (compared to about ten per year, on average, since 2012). These include companies that diversify their business in NGV/bioNGV.

The commissioning of the refueling infrastructure is not left out. At the end of 2017, France had 13 LNG and 64 CNG stations. To date, 24 LNG and 82 CNG filling facilities operate. By the end of 2018, operators will be able to count on a network of 37 LNG and 117 CNG stations.

As for the NGV/bioGNV trucks, the AFGNV has identified 6.915 vehicles in November 2017 and 7.579 units in May 2018, an increase of 10% in 6 months. In the segment of CNG-fueled cargo trucks, fleet growth is 37% in 6 months.

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