HAM installs station for LNG-CNG refueling in Barcelona Port

The HAM Group, natural gas supplier, has installed a station for the refueling of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) in the port of Barcelona, Spain, while the inauguration is scheduled for the months of September or October 2018.

In fact, the new facility has a double CNG and another LNG pump and is already operational for the refueling of port vehicles, heavy or light trucks, vans, taxis and cars that work with this alternative fuel.

Moreover, natural gas reduces fuel operating costs and, in addition, contributes to improving air quality. The HAM Group plans to expand its network of gas stations throughout the Spanish territory.

At the moment, there are 59 operating stations throughout Spain, although in a short time there will be another 43 stations that are currently under construction.

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