Project exempts CNG vehicles from the annual inspection in Rio de Janeiro

The Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, approved the bill 3.010/17, which determines that vehicles that have installed the compressed natural gas (CNG) system are exempt from the simplified annual inspection by the Department of Transportation (Detran). The proposal now awaits the sanction or veto of Governor Luiz Fernando Pezão, who will have up to 15 business days to decide.

The project is an old lawsuit of the Trade Union of the Vehicle Repair and Accessories Industry of Rio de Janeiro (Sindirepa). According to Celso Mattos, president of the entity, the measure tends to increase the number of CNG conversions in the state. “Many consumers pointed out the double inspection (Detran and Inmetro) as a difficult factor for the conversion of their vehicles to natural gas. If it is approved, this law solves this issue, preventing the driver from losing a day of work going to the Detran, being necessary only the payment of the licensing fee,” explains Mattos.

To be benefited by the new standard, drivers will have to continue to comply with the inspection performed by the Inmetro, mandatory in the case of vehicles with installed gas equipment. The Detran must deliver the annual inspection document after consulting the system for that recognition. CNG vehicles will also be exempt from the payment of the inspection fee, having to pay only the emission rate of the Certificate of Registration and Licensing of the Vehicle (CRLV).

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