February 15, 2021. Iveco continues to deliver vehicles from the “Natural Power” range throughout Argentina. On this occasion, it delivered six compressed natural gas (CNG) Tectors of national manufacture to clients in the provinces of Córdoba and Santa Fe.

The Municipality of the town of Santa María de Punilla, in Córdoba, acquired a unit that, in the words of its Mayor Dardo Zanotti, will be equipped with a hydroelevator to carry out tasks at height throughout the territory of the mountain city. In turn, the company Sudeste S.A acquired two CNG Tectors.

Likewise, in the Santa Fe city of Santo Tomé, a CNG Tector was delivered to Suarez Mariano, a food and beverage distributor. On the other hand, Setúbal Materiales SRL, a leading company in the commercialization of construction materials, already has a new Tector to carry out product transport tasks for its clients. Another of the beneficiary companies of Iveco’s new sustainable technology is Rapiflet Carolina, a company from Rafaela with more than 35 years of experience in the logistics sector, and which already has units of the brand.

“In 2019 we marked a milestone in Argentina with the launch of the “Natural Power” range. In 2020 we started with the national production of the CNG Tector and today we position ourselves as the brand that is most committed to the commercialization of clean and sustainable solutions for our customers, with a portfolio of products that adjusts to each need. The “Natural Power” range responds to a change in the energy matrix to offer our carriers a more profitable and ecological solution for their operations”, argued Francisco Spasaro, Commercial Director of Iveco in Argentina.

These vehicles have the highest technology, design and factory equipment, with reductions of up to 50% in the cost of fuel, 90% nitrogen dioxide, 99% particles and up to 95% carbon dioxide when using biomethane as fuel.