Difference between prices of gasoline and natural gas in Colombia grows

The Colombian Association of Natural Gas (Naturgas) announced the prices at which compressed natural gas (CNG) is commercialized and informed that while the price of gasoline has risen to historical levels, the price of CNG has maintained stability in recent months improving its competitiveness against other fuels.

“The difference between the price of gasoline, diesel and natural gas has meant that many public and private transport users are switching to CNG, due to its economic benefits, offering savings of over 45% in relation to gasoline and 30% against diesel”, explained the president of Naturgas Orlando Cabrales Segovia.

Naturgas also pointed out that while cities such as Bogotá, Cali and Barranquilla pay an average of 9.214 pesos per gallon of gasoline, CNG users pay an average of 5.063 pesos per gallon equivalent in these three cities. In addition, a taxi on the Caribbean Coast, for example, which travels 200 kilometers a day, spends today a monthly average of 960.000 pesos in gasoline. To cover the same distance, with CNG this expense would be located at 460.000 pesos. The monthly savings would reach half a monthly minimum wage.

In Cartagena, users of natural gas pay 5.280 pesos per gallon equivalent of CNG, compared to 8.987 pesos that costs a gallon of gasoline, that is, 41% more.

In addition to the economic benefits mentioned, the use of CNG contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution.

“The natural gas for vehicles is the alternative to mobilize at low cost, contributing to the environment. Its use is possible not only in cars, trucks and vans, which can install the system in any of the 150 authorized workshops in the country; but also in heavy-load vehicles manufactured to operate exclusively with natural gas of brands that are widely recognized internationally,” said Cabrales Segovia.

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