MSGAS presents benefits of NGV during the Entrepreneur Fair

The Gas Company of Mato Grosso do Sul (MSGÁS), Brazil, has been intensifying a campaign to raise consumer awareness of the State regarding the advantages of using natural gas as a vehicular fuel and is present at the Fair of the Entrepreneur of Sebrae, in Campo Grande.

According to the CEO of MSGÁS, Rudel Trindade, events such as the fair promoted by Sebrae have been used to demonstrate the excellence of natural gas as a source of energy and its cost-benefit against oil-derived fuels. The company exhibits there a vehicle equipped with a latest generation CNG kit and simulation equipment.

“Our focus is to show users that natural gas has been extremely competitive in relation to other energy sources,” explained Trindade, noting that the goal of MSGAS is to increase the still timid consumption of CNG in the State. “We still have a small infrastructure, only one installer and nine operating filling stations, in Campo Grande and Tres Lagunas, which hinders the growth that has been verified in the other regions of the country,” he added.

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