Marina Mercante meets with Gasnam to discuss the sustainability of maritime transport

Benito Núñez, general director of Marina Mercante, visited the Iberian Association of Natural Gas for Mobility (GASNAM). During the meeting with the general secretary, Eugenia Sillero, they discussed various issues related to sustainable mobility and the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as maritime fuel. Both agree that this fuel has been positioned over the last few years as a new alternative that faithfully complies with the valuesand principles of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. They also consider that natural gas technology as a fuel is an opportunity to reduce the polluting effects of petroleum-based fuels.

The contribution of this fuel in transport, being a sector of high energy consumption, is crucial to meet the environmental objectives set by the IMO and the European Union and ensures competitiveness, as Eugenia Sillero explained. In addition, Spain is the first European region in LNG storage and regasification installed capacity with excellent capacity to capture greater demands.

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