CNG conversion of Argentine cars grew 59% in July

In July, 12.614 vehicles were converted to compressed natural gas (CNG) in Argentina, 59.1 percent more than in the same month last year (7.926) and 25.3 percent above June (10.065). These are data from the National Gas Regulatory Entity (Enargas).

This is the highest figure in 2018. So far, the month with the highest number of conversions was March, when 11.354 cars passed to CNG. May (10.381) and June (10.065) were the other two months that exceeded ten thousand. Since April 2016 (13.726), the 12.000 operations were not exceeded.

In this way, the annual cumulative reached 72.639 conversions. Compared to the period January-July 2017 (49.492), the growth is 46.7 percent.

The industry attributes the growth to the price increase of liquid fuels. They estimate that it will be like this, at least, until the end of the year, given that gasoline prices would continue to rise.

The super gasoline of the City of Buenos Aires (it is one of the cheapest in the country) costs 29.37 pesos per liter after the recent adjustment of YPF, while Buenos Aires gas stations sell the CNG at $ 12.17 per cubic meter, based on figures from Enargas.

At least in the City of Buenos Aires, gas can be up to 42 percent cheaper than gasoline. One liter of super gasoline is equivalent to 0.885 cubic meters of gas.

The Province of Buenos Aires led the last month in the matter of conversions of cars to CNG, thanks to 6.030 operations (it is almost 50 percent of the total at the country level). It is followed by Córdoba (2.176), Santa Fe (1.081), Tucumán (576) and the City of Buenos Aires (488).

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