Gasnam exposes natural gas advantages to the Spanish energy secretary

The Iberian Association of Natural Gas for Mobility (Gasnam) has transferred to the Secretary of State for Energy of Spain, José Domínguez, its proposals to promote sustainable mobility with natural gas and renewable gas, as well as its contribution to two of the great challenges of today’s society: the improvement of air quality and the decarbonisation of transport. The meeting addressed the incentives for mobility with natural gas, natural gas as a vector of entry of renewable gas and the need to establish a regulatory framework for this non-electric renewable energy, the expansion of the refueling network and the establishment of competitive tolls for maritime and land transport.

The meeting was attended by the Vice President of the association, José Luis Pérez Souto, the General Secretary, Eugenia Sillero, and the Regulation Coordinator, Carlos Cuesta. Pérez has expressed the need to continue encouraging the substitution of conventional fuels for alternative fuels and recalled that natural gas vehicles benefited by the 2017 Movalt Plan displaced 81% of conventional fuel consumption, given that it was the option chosen mostly by the vehicles of professional use. This Plan was an important support for the transport sector, which requires environmentally friendly vehicles that have a mature technology to achieve the same performance as conventional fuels, such as natural gas.

Therefore, Gasnam has asked the official that the distribution of aid for sustainable mobility in 2018 consider the needs of professional transport of goods and passengers by road, without forgetting maritime transport, key to the economic and environmental development of the country.

Gasnam has stressed the importance of renewable gas in the decarbonisation of transport, given that it is a fuel with a balance of zero CO2 emissions (because it avoids the emissions produced in the fermentation of waste) and maintains the same benefits than natural gas for air quality. In addition, renewable gas is completely interchangeable by natural gas, which allows it to be distributed using current networks.

Similarly, Gasnam has stated that renewable gas continues with an unstoppable growth in Europe, as shown by the 400 biomethane plants that inject fuel into the network, compared to a single plant in Spain.

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