CNG conversions increase 84% in Argentina

According to official data from the National Regulatory Entity of Gas (Enargas), due to the increasing difference in the prices of compressed natural gas (CNG) with respect to liquid fuels, vehicle conversions advanced 84 percent year-on-year in August to reach 15.810 units. Compared to July of this year -12.622 units- the increase was 25%.

This is the largest record since March 2016, when there were 15.977 conversions. The first increase in the price of gas, the following month, produced a successive decline that began to go back towards the end of last year. In the first quarter, the rate of conversions was 30% year-on-year and accelerated after the increases in gasoline applied by the oil companies to move the rise in oil and the exchange rate.

Currently, the price of CNG is around one third in relation to that of gasoline. The cheapest YPF station in the City of Buenos Aires sells CNG at $10.25 per cubic meter, although other stations of the same brand have it at a maximum of $13. In contrast, after the last adjustment, the super gasoline of YPF costs $33.23 per liter.

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