Naturgy and Ford released in Argentina the first Ranger 2019 CNG trucks

Through a joint action, Naturgy and Ford companies presented the new Ranger model 2019 compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks in the Buenos Aires town of Belén de Escobar, Argentina.

A converted truck was on display at a service station, where those interested could get to know the new model and internalize their mechanical virtues.

This Ford Ranger pick-up is recommended for use in cities, for any urban use, where it presents excellent performance and allows significant economic savings due to the low cost of CNG. In addition, it significantly reduces the environmental pollutants produced by the same vehicle in its diesel or gasoline versions.

It has installed a cylinder for storage of CNG of 120 liters, and one or two of 60 liters can also be installed.

The maximum speed of the vehicle is approximately 161 km/h, and has an average consumption of 166 Argentine pesos per 100km. A significantly lower figure than gasoline models, which spend 466 Argentine pesos in the same number of kilometers. It is estimated that the cost of the equipment is amortized before the truck travels the first 20,000 km.

“Our action is to encourage the use of CNG, for economic savings and also for an environmental issue,” said the head of Mobility Solutions from Naturgy, Edgardo Griego.

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