Siemens presents in Vigo the project of energy supply with LNG engines for the marine sector

Siemens presents the Core LNGas Hive project in the port area of Bouzas of the Port of Vigo, Spain, which allows the supply of electricity to a ro-ro vessel through a generator powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). This program, co-financed by the European Union, seeks to effectively reduce the emissions generated by ships during their stay in the port, by replacing the operation of the ship’s diesel engines with mobile LNG units. Its versatile design allows its application in any boat and port.

The system, a pioneer in Europe, is made up of two 40-foot containers that facilitate both the transport on board of the vessels during the journeys between ports, and the loading and unloading of the same. It allows, in turn, a quick installation at the dock where the boat is docked.

The first of the containers, the main one, houses a gas motor generator set inside, consisting of a Siemens SGE56SL engine that has an alternator coupled and is capable of generating 823 kWe of electric power at 400V/50Hz to supply electricity to the boat It is an engine that belongs to a new series of gas generators for marine applications that offer maximum reliability and availability with minimum emissions in a range of powers.

The second of the containers houses the gas supply system of the main generating unit. This feeding system is composed of two LNG tanks of 5m3 each, and a gasification unit that provides the necessary fuel gas for the power supply of the motor generator group.

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