TMB contracts 46 hybrid natural gas buses to continue renewing the fleet

August 12, 2020. Transportes Metropolitanos de Barcelona (TMB), Spain, has resolved this week the tender called to supply 46 hybrid buses of compressed natural gas (CNG) to continue the renovation, reduction of the average age and increase of reliability of the fleet, made up of 1,140 units.

The winners have been the manufacturers MAN and Evobus, for a global amount of 20.1 million euros with taxes included. The order will also allow an increase in the environmental quality of the rolling stock, since the 46 new hybrid vehicles (a combination of thermal and electric engines) will replace 14-year-old CNG cars with the advantage of lower consumption and emissions.

They will be added to the 362 hybrids in the fleet today (32%). The 46 new gas hybrid vehicles have been purchased in two lots, the first of which is made up of 30 standard-size units, 12 meters long, which has been awarded to MAN Truck & Bus Iberia, for an amount of 9,675,000 euros plus VAT, while the second consists of 16 articulated units of 18 meters and will be supplied by Evobus Ibérica, worth 6,939,200 euros plus the corresponding VAT.

It is the first time that TMB has contracted new buses that combine electric and CNG engines. The 13 of this technology that are currently part of the fleet were built from conventional compressed natural gas vehicles to which two electric motors, a generator and other components were added, in an innovative project developed by TMB and Gas Natural Fenosa during the years 2012-2013 in the context of the first environmental reconversion of the Barcelona urban bus fleet.

The hybrid system allows furthering reducing the low pollutant emissions of CNG vehicles compared to a conventional vehicle, since it is applied on a motorization that is considered environmentally advanced (EEV) because it emits almost no particles and emits 90% less nitrogen oxide compared to a diesel engine.

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