Acema and Snam4Mobility teamed up for the construction of the new site, located in Pesaro (Italian region of the Marche). The new petrol station will offer traditional fuel in addition to LNG and CNG. The setting of this facility also enabled to bring gas to the petrol station already being in place on the other side of the main road where the new C-LNG filling up station will be opened.

Acema is currently working on the construction of 50 natural gas filling up stations across Italy. The company’s goal is to develop a network of around 300 of such sites within the next few years. Snam4Mobility, for its part, will boost the building of these stations through direct investments for their construction and also by signing agreements with others business interested in this market.

At the moment there are 31 LNG fueling stations in Italy, while the number of LNG powered vehicles on Italians road has risen from 100 to around 1.000 in the last three years. The country is ranked as the first European market for natural gas consumption in the automotive sector, with around one million vehicles on the road and nearly 1.280 filling up stations.