Iveco Stralis NP460 powered by natural gas was chosen Sustainable Truck 2019

The Iveco Stralis NP460 model was awarded the “Sustainable Truck 2019” by Vado e Torno magazine in collaboration with Lifegate, within the framework of Ecomondo 2018, an event that recognizes innovations in sustainability.

In this regard, Maurizio Cervetto, editor in chief of the magazine Vado e Torno, who gave the recognition to Iveco, said: “As a big brother of the Stralis NP 400, this vehicle has not only brought the performance to the level necessary to replace diesel in any type of mission, but also has raised the bar in terms of comfort, safety and sustainability.”

For his part, Pierre Lahutte, president of the Italian firm, said: “We are proud to obtain this prestigious award, which we received at a very important moment for alternative propulsion technologies. Certainly, a few days ago, the German Parliament approved the exemption from payment of tolls for all trucks powered by CNG and LNG. The strategy that until recently was considered “visionary” is now becoming reality: society and the world are progressing, creating a new vision of transport, no longer as a source of pollution, but as a sector seen from the perspective of environmental sustainability This vision can be realized through a circular economy based on biomethane, where energy is generated from organic and agricultural waste, with a return to the natural cycle of resources. In this context, our Stralis NP 460, crowned last year “Truck with low level of carbon emissions of the year” in the United Kingdom, will be the undisputed leader of the process of energy transition that is already underway, confirming once again that gas is the most effective solution to address the environmental impact of long-distance road transport.”

The Stralis NP 460 is equipped with a FPT Industrial Cursor 13 NP engine that has two innovations patented by Iveco: The first covers the detonation control system, which improves performance, ensuring maximum fuel compatibility. In addition, it protects the motor and the three-way catalytic converter from a possible misfire. The second patent covers the reactive air flow control system, a new control logic for the stoichiometric air/fuel ratio applied during gear shifting. This guarantees a continuous torque during the passage of gears in the automatic transmissions, ensuring a better performance and a maximum speed of changes.

With these technologies, the truck achieves a surprising reduction of 99% of the particulate matter and 90% of the NO2 emissions, compared to the Euro 6 regulation, a 95% reduction in CO2 emissions in the biomethane version and a 15% fuel savings, also reaching a range of 1,600 kilometers with a single load thanks to its double LNG tanks. It is also offered in an X-Way NP version, designed for construction applications.

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