Scania presents the first 6 trucks powered by LNG from Argentina

Thanks to the fact that sustainability is growing and gaining more ground, companies choose to modify their projects with the aim of being more environmentally friendly. This is the case of Scania Argentina, which presented the first 6 trucks propelled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Argentina, and continues to consolidate as a leader in sustainable transport.

Scania was the first to work in conjunction with the National Regulatory Entity of Gas (Enargas) to import vehicles of these characteristics. “It is a proven technology and there are already more than 2,500 Scania trucks operating in Europe, which means that from a technological point of view, the product is an efficient, safe and aligned solution with Argentina’s energy matrix. It is the first time that a vehicle that runs completely on natural gas has been entered into the country, and more specifically to LNG,” said Julian Rosso, Head of Sales Engineering.

The six units propelled by LNG are destined for the company Transportes Andreu S.A., and will begin to operate in the city of Mendoza. These trucks, in addition to being equipped with engines of 9 liters and 5 cylinders, are capable of delivering a power 340hp and a torque of 1600Nm.

In addition, they reduce the environmental impact provided by these units, as well as generate a lower level of noise. From the operational point of view it is an extremely powerful engine, very efficient and with a low environmental impact both in emission of gases and in sound pollution.

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