Telefónica encourages the use of car-sharing and NGV in the Mobility Week

Telefónica promotes the use of sustainable and alternative modes of transport among its employees to get to work during the European Mobility Week, through initiatives focused on bicycles, car sharing and natural gas vehicles (NGV).

In the field of bicycles, “a healthy and sustainable mode of transport to work”, Telefónica supports the #aDistritoenbici initiative, promoted by a group of employees to reach the company’s headquarters by this means.

On the other hand, the company has launched a new shared car service, called ComparteCoche DT, together with the company Jojob. This platform is free and will allow vehicle sharing to several employees, “with what that means reducing fuel costs and polluting gases”.

In the field of sustainable use of the automobile, the company will also have an exhibition on CNG vehicles in collaboration with Aliara Energía, which will show natural gas models of various brands. This type of fuel is “an alternative of low emissions” that also supposes for the driver a saving with respect to diesel or gasoline.

Together with this, the Telefónica LUCA data unit has launched a study in which the journeys of the 11,000 employees working in Madrid have been analyzed. This work allows the company to make a quantitative diagnosis of high precision on the daily mobility of workers and define “sustainable transport alternatives that can be a better option than the individual use of a car”.

The results obtained will be used to support the preparation of a Sustainable Mobility Plan for the headquarters of Telefónica with specific lines of work focused, for example, on reducing individual transport by private vehicle, encouraging the use of public transport or promoting the use of the bicycle as a solution to the “last mile”.

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