Dominican Republic considers natural gas as a solution to high fuel prices

In the face of the crisis that has arisen in the Dominican Republic due to the high cost of fuel prices due to the rise in the international values of crude oil, the country has the solution, natural gas. During the last ten years of its use, natural gas has proven to be a safe and economical option for passenger transport.

The Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) remains as the cheapest fuel on the market as well as the cleanest for vehicles.

Soluciones en Gas Natural (SGN) has been the pioneer in the development of CNG in the country. The NGV brings a significant saving in the maintenance of the engines and helps to conserve the environment since it emits less CO2.

Currently the prices of natural gas represent a saving per gallon that goes from 45% to 58% in relation to the prices of diesel, gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

SGN has a wide network of stations throughout the country. At present, there are 42 stations selling NGV throughout the national territory, which allows users to have more and more supply options. The Government, through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, has a fund of more than RD$ 60 million for the conversion of new transport units. Additionally, the Government has a Control-SICOEX fund through which it has managed to raise more than RD$ 600 million in the last 10 years. These funds can also be incorporated into a massive conversion plan.

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