Hoyer acquires an Iveco truck powered by LNG in Germany

The German Hoyer Group is exploring the potential environmental benefits of introducing vehicles with engines that use liquefied natural gas (LNG) into its road operations in the near future. Vehicle manufacturer Iveco recently handed over the Stralis 440S40 NP type truck to the Hamburg-based logistics company Hoyer at the IAA in Hanover. In a joint project together with Total Deutschland GmbH, the Business Unit Petrolog will trial the alternative fuel vehicle that also has ADR dangerous goods certification, when making deliveries to Total’s service stations in the Hamburg and Bremen region in Germany from October 2018 onwards.

Fueled by liquefied natural gas, the truck has significant environmental advantages: compared to diesel engines, the Stralis 440S40 NP type truck emits 15 per cent less CO2 and 60 per cent less nitrogen oxide. Moreover, an LNG truck consumes 15 per cent less fuel per kilometer driven and operates at a lower noise level than conventional diesel powered engines. Giving reasons for the decision to procure the LNG truck, Mark Binns, Managing Director of the Business Unit Petrolog in the Hoyer Group, says: “Despite being more expensive to buy, we are convinced by the truck’s positive environmental and operational benefits. Introducing the truck will contribute towards our corporate initiative to reduce CO2 emissions produced by our vehicle operations by 25 per cent per ton-kilometer by 2020.”

The LNG fueled engine will be used in a truck that transports fuel to service stations in the Hamburg and Bremen region in Germany. Hoyer has been delivering to TOTAL Deutschland GmbH’s service station network since 2016. Total’s Logistics Director Stefan Küfner confirmed their support for Hoyer’s initiative to promote sustainable transport: “Today, with more than 40 years of experience in the LNG business, the Total Group is No. 2 worldwide in the production and distribution of liquid natural gas, and is increasingly involving itself in using LNG in the transport of goods by road. For us, this cooperation with Hoyer is another great opportunity to gather initial experience in the daily use of LNG trucks.”

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