New generation of Scania CNG and biomethane trucks in Brazil

With the participation of the 4.3 thousand workers of the factory of São Bernardo do Campo, in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, Scania will carry out a pre-launch of the new generation of trucks of the brand that will begin to take place in October.

Among the novelties of the new line are vehicles driven exclusively by natural gas, biomethane and bioethanol. According to the automaker, “they will be the first trucks moved to CNG/biomethane in the world”.

The diesel models will have engines 12% cheaper than the current ones. In addition, the new platform is ready for the future production of hybrid and electric vehicles.

The production of new vehicles will begin in October and deliveries to customers are scheduled from February, reports Christopher Podgorski, president of Scania Latin America.

For the launch of the new generation of vehicles, the factory went through several changes in the production system and will still be stopped for two weeks in January for the last preparations.

The project consumed R$ 1.5 billion, 60% of the investment of R$ 2.6 billion programmed for the period from 2016 to 2020. It also includes the adoption of a new sale concept in which the officials of the concessionaires will be trained to act as consultants.

“The customer will say what use the truck wants and the dealer can indicate the best option among the 35 different applications that will be available,” says Podgorski.

The new line arrives in the country two years after its launch in Europe, where large logistics companies, such as Havi, which transports food products to the McDonald’s network, account for a 2% reduction in costs and 27% in emissions from pollutants after replacing its diesel fleet with vehicles moved by natural gas and biogas.

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