Finnish ice hockey team switches to biogas powered cars

Players, coaches and other staff of Finland’s SaiPa ice hockey team are now driving the Škoda Octavian G-TEC model vehicles, running on Gasum’s domestically-produced, renewable biogas.

SaiPa’s goalkeeper Frans Tuohimaa has been driving the car for a month and said, “The introduction…has been easy and driving characteristics are no different from my previous cars. Refueling is also easy. So far, I have driven on 100 percent biogas, while filling stations are conveniently located along the way.”

All gas cars to be used by SaiPa players and staff will be acquired through the Auto-Suni Partner Affiliate.

According to Jussi Viljakainen, Marketing Director of Liiga-SaiPa Oy, environmental issues are becoming more and more important to the team. “With both small and large choices, we try to reduce the burden on the environment for our part. It is of great importance what fuel we use on a team’s vehicles and biogas is the most natural and easiest choice for us.”

Juha-Matti Koskinen, Gasum’s Sales Manager, is pleased with SaiPa’s car selection, saying, “It’s great that one of the most watched sports team makes a greener choice by moving to environmentally friendly cars.”

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