Oasis Engineering truck and bus valve is the epitome of design quality

Oasis Engineering, a specialist CNG and product development company situated in the City of Tauranga, New Zealand, has recently released a Truck and Bus nozzle that couples with a highly ergonomic fill valve.

“These fill valves are used for a range of vehicles busses and trucks that are using CNG or Bio-Gas, as well as trailer load/unload systems,” says Ricky Lee, Vice President of Business Development for USA and Canada.

With intuitive fill valve and nozzle operation, the Oasis full flow fill valve & fuelling nozzle redefines the flow rate standard for NGV gas delivery.

This high flow design means more gas is dispensed faster to the vehicle, maximizing the number of vehicle fills per day as well as minimizing wasted gas. The FV103 fill valve also has a 100mm extension available as part of the product package which makes after-fill removal easier.

“As is the case with many of our products, we have product servicing videos that demonstrate how all components of the fill valve including the nozzle should be correctly disassembled and reassembled,” says Lee.

Testament to Oasis Engineering’s after sales service is their ability to provide replacements for all wearing components on any product they sell and the YouTube videos which demonstrate how to correctly disassemble and reassemble components when using the service kits provided by Oasis.

They comply with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC Guidelines as set out by the European Commission and the nozzles have also been designed to ANSI NGV1 Standard in accordance with the North American markets expectations.

With a product that can withstand 6000psi of pressure on a daily-basis, stringent testing is required and this is something that Oasis Engineering does in their factory in Judea, Tauranga.

These fill valves are also manufactured under ISO 9001 accredited standards which establish Quality Management Systems to ensure all facets of Oasis Engineering are of a high standard.

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