Delivery of vehicles converted to natural gas vehicles in Aguascalientes

September 20, 2019. As part of the actions that are promoted to improve air quality and the reduction of polluting gases, Mutual financing company delivered 9 vehicles converted to compressed natural gas (CNG) to Agrupación de Concesionarios de Aguascalientes, AC (ACATAXIS) and Copropietarios de la Terminal Norte de Transporte Colectivo Foráneo, AC (UCTN) associations.

The presentation was attended by Alberto López Regalado, Director of Transportation of Aguascalientes; Julio César Casas, representative of ACATAXIS; and Ismael Gallegos, representative of UCTN; who together with Mutuo, called to add actions that reduce the emission of gases pollutants

The current environmental situation is a very serious problem to which attention should be paid. Not only does Mexico City have poor air quality, currently six cities in the country have more aggravating conditions in this area. Hence the importance of promoting the use of vehicular natural gas, in order to reduce mainly harmful conditions to health.

Through the renewal of public transport, it is intended to promote a substantial change, which will be possible through the efficient use of less polluting fuels. To do this, Mutuo will provide financing to carriers to make the conversion to this type of fuel less aggressive with the environment, and additionally support carriers that wish to renew their vehicle fleet.

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