First bus modernized from diesel engine to CNG in Bucharest

November 19, 2020. In a world that lays increasing emphasis on reduction of pollution and carbon emissions in the great conurbations, Bucharest takes a step forward through the technological transformation of a large part of its fleet that ensures public transport.

Therefore, the Bucharest Transport Company (STB) and its partners realized the first bus in Europe modernized by transforming the diesel engine with Euro 3 pollution norm to run on compressed natural gas (CNG) and having Euro 6 norm.

This first bus was type-approved at the Romanian Automotive Registry (R.A.R.), where it was tested by specialists to be able to enter circulation.

The engine has great advantages, natural gas being much cheaper than liquid fuels, which will lead to reduced costs in terms of consumption.

The bus will remain in circulation for testing and monitoring and depending on results its executant will continue to adjust to optimize efficiency and consumption.

Moreover, STB will modernize 600 vehicles of its fleet, turning them into CNG-powered buses with Euro 6 pollution norm. This project will reduce pollutants and renew the fleet.

Therefore, for the first time at European level, hundreds of buses with Euro 3 pollution norm of the STB fleet will be turned into CNG-powered buses, Euro 6, to align to European standards and Directive of the European Parliament on the promotion of clean and energy efficient road transport vehicles.

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