First natural gas station for vehicles inaugurated in Cusco

December 31, 2020. Natural gas for vehicles (NGV) is now available in Cusco, Peru, after the opening of the first filling station that supplies fuel in the city, thanks to an agreement signed between the Camisea Consortium and the Regional Government.

Located in the San Jerónimo district, it is the first of three facilities to be built in Cusco and Quillabamba, consigned in the project “Natural gas for vehicular use in the Cusco Region”, and promoted with a significant investment from the Camisea Consortium.

“With this economic effort we reaffirm our commitment to Cusco, benefiting its inhabitants, bringing them a much more economical and environmentally friendly energy,” said a spokesperson for Camisea.

The Regional Director of Energy and Mines of Cusco, Iván Prado, said that the region advances with the conversion of vehicles to natural gas, in two workshops and completely free, at a rate of five cars per day, and it is estimated that in a month there are 200 units that will benefit from this clean and cheap fuel.

In addition to the installation of the three refueling stations, the project also included the management of a comprehensive program for the conversion of new and semi-new vehicles, as well as the promotion and finally the direct sale to the final consumer. The sale and distribution will be in charge of LimaGas Natural.

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