First natural gas truck circulates in northeastern Brazil

February 18, 2020. The first truck powered by natural gas or biomethane that runs in northeastern Brazil is Scania. The automaker, in association with Solar Coca-Cola and the HCL Group, is testing a R 410 6×2 in Pernambuco.

“Solar wants to continue growing sustainably in every way. Scania accompanies us in this objective,” says Orlando Fiorenzano, Director of Integrated Planning and Supplies at Solar Coca-Cola. Solar is the second largest Coca-Cola manufacturer in Brazil.

The truck will be used to transport sugar, by the HCL Group, to the Solar factory.

“It is a new technology that is more sustainable and profitable. We are the first to bring it to the market in our region and this favors the sustainability of the company and our customers and partners,” says businessman Hebert Cordeiro de Carvalho, owner of the HCL Group.

The Scania gas engine trucks were officially presented at Fenatran 2019, and have already been tested by several companies across the country.

The Scania R 410 of the HCL Group will travel around 200 km per day, transporting 30 tons of sugar on each trip.

In addition to reducing polluting emissions, gas trucks are up to 15% cheaper than diesel, and are also quieter, which increases driver comfort.

Another advantage is that they have a factory warranty and diesel models technology. “They have a factory guarantee and reliable technology. They have a constant performance and resistance similar to that of the diesel truck. In addition to being 20% ​​quieter,” says Silvio Munhoz, Commercial Director of Scania in Brazil.

The truck has the same power and torque as a similar diesel model, which expands the range of benefits of gas in road transport.

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