Galp opens a new LNG station in Sines

May 8, 2020. Galp inaugurated a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) service station in Sines, Portugal, designed to supply long-distance and heavy passenger transport fleets. The new facility has installed a management and supervision system that allows monitoring and controlling all the processes associated with filling the storage tank and supplying trucks in real time.

In Portugal, Galp has 3 natural gas refueling stations, located in Sines, Matosinhos and Azambuja. With the opening of this facility in Sines, the company increases the total number of natural gas filling stations for vehicles available in the Iberian market to 10, since the stations in Spain are operated directly by a partner.

The Sines station is another step in Galp’s strategy for the development and supply of more competitive and environmentally friendly fuels, which contribute to reducing emissions and promoting the sustainable development of the industry. In fact, it has been a reference agent in promoting the use of natural gas in Portugal, and is also a pioneer in the construction of natural gas supply stations at the Carris and STCP facilities.

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