Gasum opens its first LNG-biogas station in Sweden

May 20, 2019. Finish energy company Gasum opened its first liquefied natural gas (LNG) and biogas filling station in Sweden, highlighting plans to expand the network in the country.

Alternatives to diesel are increasing in popularity on the fuel market as carbon dioxide emissions need to be reduced in Sweden and Europe.

Several fuel companies are now investing in liquefied natural gas and biogas, thus planning to build many stations in the near future, Gasum said, noting that its first station is their next step towards the 50 stations Gasum has planned in the Nordic countries.

The filling station with liquefied natural gas and biogas that was opened in Västerås on Monday is the first of its kind in Västmanland County, Sweden.

The new network of stations is a necessity in the transition to cleaner fuels for heavy-duty vehicles. Gasum has four filling stations for heavy-duty vehicles in Finland already.

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