Gazprom opens Europe’s largest gas filling station in Moscow

October 31, 2020. Russia’s Gazprom continues to expand its gas refueling network with the opening of two new CNG filling facilities in Moscow. According to a company’s press release, one of the two new sites is Europe’s largest gas filling station, along with the CNG filling station that Gazprom opened in the Russian capital in 2017.

With these two additions, the total number of Gazprom’s gas refueling facilities in Moscow and the adjacent territory has increased to seven locations.

Europe’s biggest gas filling station is situated at the intersection of Zenitchikov and Dubravnaya Streets, and has an annual design capacity of 29.8 million cubic meters. The station has twelve gas pumps ensuring a daily throughput of 1,600 vehicles.

The second gas refueling facility is located on Podolskikh Kursantov Street, with an annual design capacity of 8.9 million cubic meters. The site is equipped with six gas pumps allowing refilling 480 motor vehicles a day.

Gazprom further objective is to open two more state-of-the-art stations in Moscow this year, according to Chairman of the Gazprom Board of Directors, Viktor Zubkov.

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