Government delivers award notes for NGV conversion workshops in Tarija

August 27, 2020. The Government of Bolivia delivered award notes to workshops for the conversion of vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG), maintenance of equipment, requalification and replacement of cylinders in the department of Tarija.

The contracts will support the sustainability of the policy of changing the energy matrix to natural gas, enabling the economic reactivation of the sector with the consequent generation of jobs.

The Head of State, Jeanine Añez, highlighted the creation of jobs with this type of initiative and guaranteed that her management policies will be focused on improving the economy of citizens, a demand that exists throughout the country.

“We are talking about more than 120 new jobs, related to the workshops that do the requalification and maintenance of the cylinders and without a doubt that in these times is joyous news. It is of great help for many families”, assured the President.

In June, the Ministry of Hydrocarbons, through the Executing Entity for Conversion to Natural Gas Vehicles (EEC-GNV), presented the Incentive Program for the Development and Sustainability of the Energy Matrix in the Transportation Sector. An initiative that establishes the formation of a trust fund destined to grant credits to the motor transport sector that uses CNG.

“The resources are already available so that the workshops with which the corresponding contracts are being signed can function, so that the economy of transport and many collateral actors in this program can be energized. It is good news for everyone’s economy,” said the Minister of Hydrocarbons.

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