Grupo Charrua buys Scania’s first gas truck in southern Brazil

June 19, 2020. Scania delivered the fifth truck powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) and/or biomethane from Brazil for the Grupo Charrua, which acquired the first model in the South region with this innovative and more sustainable technology. With the new sale, the brand reaches 23 vehicles sold, 18 for PepsiCo. Casa Scania Brasdiesel (RS) was responsible for the sale, delivery and will be in charge of the operational support and maintenance of the R 410 6×2 heavy truck.

The R 410 will be used by Charrua Gás to serve clients such as industries and service stations in Rio Grande do Sul. The first CNG and/or biomethane-powered truck in the south represents a new step in the use of more sustainable transport systems.

“The objective of the companies is the transition to a more sustainable transport system. Scania has led this transformation. For us, there is not only a sustainable model and each country will adopt the technologies that best adapt to their reality. For Brazil, the “here and now” is the truck that runs on CNG and/or biomethane,” says Roberto Barral, Vice President of Commercial Operations for Scania in Brazil.” Scania is committed to supporting its customers with profitable solutions that contribute to sustainability in the economic, environmental and social spheres”.

“The partnership with Scania Brasdiesel started in 2010 with the purchase of two models, G 400 and P 310. Scania trucks are very good and have excellent performance. After Scania launched the gas model in 2018, the dealership team presented us with the solution,” explains Flavio Aluísio Rudiger, Director of Logistics and Transportation for Grupo Charrua.

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