Gujarat to get 300 more CNG filling stations

June 25, 2019. The Indian state will get another 300 compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling stations in the next two years against 542 stations that have come up in Gujarat in the past 23 years. Norms to set up new CNG stations of the Gujarat Gas Company Ltd (GGCL) and Sabarmati Gas Ltd (SGL) have also been liberalized.

The Gujarat government owns the two companies. The state government has come up with a CNG Sahbhagi Yojana under which, existing operators of CNG stations of GGCL and SGL will not be required to adhere to any additional compliances.

The number of users of piped natural gas (PNG) will also be increased from existing 1.35 million to about 1.8 million by 2022. For this, the one-time deposit for families having an annual income of up to Rs 200.000 has been reduced to Rs 1.000 and those having an annual income above Rs 200.000 will have to give a deposit of Rs 5.000.

The consumption of natural gas in the state has increased from 4 million standard cubic meter per day (SCMD) to 8 million SCMD in a year. The state government is promoting CNG and PNG as green fuels in order to reduce carbon emissions. Of the existing 542 CNG stations in the state, 330 are of GGCL and SGL. Gujarat has close to 31% of nearly 1.762 CNG stations across the country.

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