Gustke drives fuel change with LNG trucks

July 1, 2020. German Rostock shipping company Heinrich Gustke has ordered 30 Iveco S-Way NP trucks powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). The logistics company wants to save fuel and operating costs and set an example in the transportation industry. “Of course, LNG tractor units are more expensive than their diesel peers, but we received a state grant of € 12,000 for each truck until the end of the year, and then free of charge until the end of 2023,” explains the Managing Director, Stefan Gustke.

Along with lower fuel consumption compared to diesel trucks, this would result in fuel cost savings of more than 20%, predicts the businessman, who is the third generation to run the medium-sized family business. With a mileage of 140,000 kilometers and more per year, the additional costs for the purchase would also be amortized with the toll savings.

In terms of design, space and comfort, the new S-Way with a high-roof cabin has nothing to send the competition, Gustke judges. Performance and power delivery would be on par with a diesel truck. From Gustke’s perspective, natural gas is currently the only marketable alternative for long-distance trucks that is environmentally friendly and economical.

“Compared to diesel engines, our gas vehicles emit significantly less CO2, 60% less nitrogen oxides and almost no fine dust. In addition, methane engines run much quieter and also consume less,” say from the company.

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