HAM installs its third HAMikro biomethane station in Lleida

May 28, 2019. The HAM Group has designed, installed and commissioned its third HAMikro refueling station, which allows the refueling of biomethane obtained from wastewater treatment. The facility, property of Aqualia, is located in the facilities of the municipal water service that the company has in Lleida, Spain, and is formed by a fuel compression system, through a low flow compressor, a structure that allows to store the biomethane in high pressure bottles and a pump that is responsible for supplying this source of energy to vehicles.

The HAMikro service station is part of the innovative SMART Green Gas project, co-financed by the European Union, with the aim of generating renewable biofuel, of Spanish origin, for vehicles with compressed natural gas (CNG). The wastewater reaches the sewage treatment plant from the drains, dishwashers, washing machines, etc., of the homes of the Lleidans, and is treated to end up turning a by-product into a valuable resource, where “Well to Wheel ” CO2 and H25 are selectively eliminated, reaching a quality that can be used as fuel for the automotive industry, with beneficial effects such as the reduction of the carbon footprint.

This project involves an important boost in the research and creation of alternative fuels in the automotive sector, thanks to the production of 100% autochthonous renewable gas, which in turn allows advancing in the development of a circular economy and in construction of resilient cities.

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