Hegelmann Group expands fleet with LNG fueled trucks

March 18, 2020. German-based cargo and freight company Hegelmann Group has acquired five liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered trucks from Iveco.

The company noted in its statement the acquisition is a part of its plan to have sustainable vehicles makes up at least 20 percent of its total fleet by 2025.

Sustainable solutions are gaining more and more attention in the transportation and logistics industry, the statement reads. As a way to respond to this and become even greener, the cargo and freight company acquired five trucks from Iveco, powered by LNG.

Hegelmann Group began its operations in 1998, providing shipping services across Europe. Now, It has taken one step further towards its goal of having sustainable vehicles make up at least 20 percent of its total fleet by 2025, by acquiring five LNG powered trucks from Iveco, of the model Stralis 460 NP.

According to Siegfried Hegelmann, a shareholder in the Hegelmann Group, the acquisition was driven by their goal of becoming more environmentally responsible.

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