April 30, 2020. For the first time in the Czech Republic, drivers of compressed natural gas (CNG) cars have the opportunity to try driving with BioCNG. Natural gas enriched with biomethane is a pure emission variant that, when burned, releases up to 80% less carbon dioxide into the air than gasoline or diesel, and meets the strictest limits on sustainable mobility. Innogy Energo sro, which obtains biomethane from biodegradable waste from EFG Rapotín BPS, belonging to the financial group Energy, plans to test this 100% renewable gas at its 63 CNG service stations located throughout the Czech Republic at the end of June this year.

“At EFG Rapotín BPS we obtain advanced biofuel from biogas, which has certified zero greenhouse gas emissions. It is a new renewable energy source that the Czech Republic needs both to improve the environment and to meet its objectives of using green alternatives in transportation,” says Martin Vrtiška, director of sales for the Energy financial group. “The possibility of storing biomethane in the gas distribution system and its consumption in any connected location is a great advantage. It is also the reason why it is perceived as part of solving many problems at once, whether it is the recovery of energy from waste, the reduction of emissions to air in transport or the reduction of carbon dioxide in the fuel energy mix,” he adds.