Iveco closed the largest CNG-powered truck sales agreement in South America

October 1, 2020. Iveco closed a new sale agreement for 100 Stralis NP Cursor 13 units fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG) with NRG Argentina S.A., a supplier of fracture sand for the oil and gas industry.

With more than 20 years of experience worldwide in the development and commercialization of vehicles powered by alternative energy, Iveco became the first brand to reach a milestone of these characteristics in South America. “We are proud to announce a new CNG truck sales operation and affirm that it is the largest operation in the region in terms of alternative fuels. For the brand it is very important to build and increase strategic alliances, as in the case of NRG Argentina S.A., where the technology of our products manages to be introduced in an economically sustainable way, allowing the development of transport solutions in Argentina, a country with great opportunities and a promising energy future”, argued Márcio Querichelli, Iveco’s top leader in the South America.

“The acquisition of a fleet of CNG trucks is a clear example of the importance for NRG Argentina of incorporating technologies and good practices that take care of the environment into account, while providing the solutions that customers need”, said César Güercio, CEO of NRG Argentina S.A.

Another notable feature of the operation is the sale of 100 maintenance contracts that accompany the units awarded by the company. In this sense, the brand will assist NRG Argentina S.A., in the development of an exclusive service and maintenance center within its base of operations, located in the province of Río Negro. The objective of this management is to provide support so that the new fleet can develop its operations with high standards in the service and assistance of the dealer in the area.

The new vehicles acquired by the Argentine company have the highest technology, design and equipment superior to their diesel pair with a benefit of between 40% and 50% in reducing the cost of fuel. The trucks, which will do their work between the provinces of Entre Ríos, Neuquén and Río Negro, have an AS440S46T/P 6×2 configuration and, because they are powered by CNG, their gas emissions present extraordinary reductions of up to 90% of nitrogen dioxide, 99% particulate matter and up to 95% carbon dioxide when biomethane is used as fuel.

These trucks have a PIEK Certification that guarantees noise levels below 71dB; AEBS brake technology, hydraulic retarder, ESP and air suspension on the rear axle.

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