Iveco homologates a new Stralis configuration to CNG and the first to LNG in Argentina

September 1, 2020. Iveco announced the homologation for the new Stralis Cursor 13 to compressed natural gas (CNG) and in its configuration to liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Argentina.

The novelty of the brand corresponds to the new heavy duty configurations of the Natural Power range, with CNG and LNG versions, for the South American region. For these new products, developments and new approvals were made in Europe.

The homologation process met and passed the audit, in which the fundamental aspects for commercialization in the country were considered. “With vehicles 100% manufactured and developed to work with CNG and LNG as well as Bio-CNG and Bio-LNG, we confirm once again our leadership in alternative and sustainable fuel at a global level. With a path already traveled in Argentina, where we were pioneers with CNG, we will continue working for the needs of our customers and taking care of the environment” added Francisco Spasaro, Commercial Director of Iveco in Argentina. He also argued, “these vehicles will be the ideal option for our medium and long-distance haulers, offering the same performance as the equivalent diesel version, with great savings in fuel costs.”

Likewise, the development of the homologation completed the requirements of the National Gas Regulatory Entity (Enargas) in Argentina. “This is a new achievement for the entire Iveco team. The new certification is endorsed with regard to Active and Passive Safety by the Undersecretary of Industry, dependent on the Ministry of Productive Development, and in terms of polluting emissions by the Secretary of Environmental Control and Monitoring under the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development”, concluded Emanuel Bouson, Head of Approvals and Technical Regulations at Iveco in Argentina.

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